Commercial Deliveries

Commercial Delivery by Sergej Transport Ltd

Is your business looking for a reliable commercial delivery company? Do you need drivers you can trust to deliver vital goods to your customer base? Whether you are a start-up business, an online merchant, wholesaler or a leading multi-channel retailer, you should look no further than Sergej Transport.

Whether it’s large furniture or pallets of goods, we have the service to suit you. Our fleet of vehicles in a wide range of sizes is just the support you need to sustain your business. We even offer our same-day and next day delivery options as part of our commercial deliveries, so you can enjoy a quick and efficient service.

Our experienced team of couriers are based in Grantham, but are ready to go anywhere in the UK at a moments notice. We are readily available, because we know how quickly things need to happen for a business, to maintain the custom of your clients. Sergej Transport are always driving, so your business can keep driving too.

Sergej Transport have trade routes and infrastructure in place to ensure we are providing a cost effective and reliable solution to your business. Whether you are a regular client of ours, or just need to make a one off important delivery, there isn’t a better choice in Grantham than us.

We are quickly becoming the number one choice for commercial shipping in Grantham, because we take all of the hassle out of commercial deliveries. Sergej Transport is one of the most competitive shippers on the market. Get in touch with our friendly team today, to see exactly how we can meet your needs, at a price that won’t be matched anywhere else.

Bespoke Delivery Solutions

Get in touch if you have any enquiries – we’re available to discuss long-term contracts, delivery deadlines and more.