Same Day Deliveries

Same Day Delivery by Sergej Transport Ltd

Same Day Delivery Services & Solutions Grantham and across the UK

No matter what, our commercial clients can trust us to handle their same-day delivery needs, regardless of the distance or the load. You will never miss a deadline again. From collection to dispatch, we are here to ensure your important packages make it there on time. Sergej Transport is committed to exceptional delivery on a national scale.

When you need it to get there fast, we deliver (in more ways than one). Our same day service is available 24/7 across the UK. We aim to have a dedicated vehicle dispatched within one hour of your initial booking. Once collected, your package will be at its destination within 24 hours.

We have particular expertise in working within the tight same-day delivery time frame and transporting a range of goods. Whether it be pallets, important documents or small packages, we give the same sense of urgency to them all. Our same-day fleet consists of couriers on motorbikes, small and large vans and even tail lift vehicles, all with professional driving experience.

Our same-day delivery service drivers are the best in the business, delivering a wide range of items from Grantham to anywhere in the UK. Rest assured that your packages will get wherever they need to be, within 24 hours. We believe in offering the highest standard of same day courier service possible.

All our services can be booked online in real time, without the need to set up an account. Our same-day booking system accepts all credit and debit cards, as well as Amex, Paypal and Apple or Google Pay.

Sergej Transport has many repeat customers using our courier service for bespoke one-off deliveries and regular clients booking same day deliveries.

Bespoke Delivery Solutions

Get in touch if you have any enquiries – we’re available to discuss long-term contracts, delivery deadlines and more.